Coaching for leadership, performance, and transformation

Coaching is for smart, ambitious people who want to accelerate their progress, get unstuck, and see the path more clearly.

Is This You?

Obviously you are smarter and better looking than the average person, or you wouldn't be reading this. There's always a danger of sounding something like a horoscope, but let me try to describe my 'typical' client…

Most of my clients are deeply skilled, often in a technical discipline. Many of them are in infotech, others have accounting or legal backgrounds, still others are writers or editors. Their success often comes from a core strength that no longer seems to be sufficient. Many of them are senior managers, some are C-level execs, some are entrepreneurs, and some are none of those things.

What they have in common is a desire to change, to transform, to make faster progress toward who or what they want to be. Often there's a decision they're wrestling with. Sometimes they only have a rough idea of what they want.

Coaching is for smart people who will get where they're going anyway; it's an accelerator that adds accountability, brings clarity, and helps you generate and evaluate options more quickly.

About Me

I work at the intersection of disciplines, making connections and noticing patterns.


My technical career was founded on my education in accountancy, computing science, and humanities. Until mid-2014, I was the Enterprise Architecture Group Lead at the Carphone Warehouse, a global FTSE 100 company.


My informal journey toward coaching and mentoring started decades ago, with an interest in behavioural psychology. It was back in 2004 that I read Time to Think and took a masterclass with Nancy Kline.


Now I primarily work in Enterprise Design, as a whole-system business consultant, and as a coach. My diverse background makes it easier to hold the conversations that you need.


In recent years, I've studied CTI's Co-Active Coaching, NLP, Organisation & Relationship Systemic Coaching (ORSC), Light Touch Change, Capacity Building, and Systems Leadership.

How we'll work together


After a free initial session, the work starts with an extended discovery session, ideally in person, to understand more about your coaching goals, history, and preferences.


Over a three or six month period, we'll have fortnightly hour-long coaching calls. What we focus on will vary according to your needs. Other schedules are possible.

We look to the future

Free completion session at the end of the coaching package. During our work together, you'll have free ongoing unlimited email and text support.

Contact Me

Philip Hellyer

London & Paris